Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY Squirrel hockey jerseys

While bouncing around the internet landed on The Canadian Design Resource page and the signage for Expo 67.  Burton Kramer designed the signs and the iconic CBC logo first used in 1974 (unfortunately modified in 1992).  The CBC shop online has some items with the retro logos. .  Here's a clip of the 1974 logo.

There is a book of his designs out

Decided to use the squirrel from the Expo 67 parking lots signs for some DIY jerseys.  Had a white, gold, and maroon jersey.  Didn't have much maroon twill left so made a white squirrel.  Sewed the white squirrel on the jersey but was kind of small on so decided to add something to it.  Found a town in Ontario (Exeter) that has white squirrels through some Flickr images.

Wasted too much time looking through fonts.  Ending up using 'City of' for the Squirrels, 'Grange' for Exeter.  When added the acorn on the back also added 67 in a font (Consort-RR Bold Condensed) like the one used by the Expos (as a nod to the Expo 67 signs).

Only maroon jersey I had laying around was an old maroon, green and white CCM jersey.  Made the squirrel much bigger and put it on that one.  Jersey ended being to small to fit over my hockey equipment - will probably split the seam down the armpit and add some white or green or white&green material to enlarge it.  The #12 on the back has a heat pressed #1 and a sewn on #2; I suspect I put the sewn #2 on because the 2 was coming apart when I got the jersey.

Wore the white jersey for the first time last Tuesday at hockey and got one goal playing forward on a shoveling lob shot off a pass and one goal playing defence on a shot along the ice from the point in a low scoring 3-2 win for the white side over the dark.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day items - hockey and otherwise

Haven't posted in a while.  Am probably going to start to run out of jerseys to post unless I include some jerseys I don't have.  If you don't already have your own blog, feel free to email me with some of your DIY or favourite personal hockey jersey and some info and I'll probably post it all here.  Maybe I should start posting some of my wife's crafts or some other stuff.

Usually wear one of a pair of a set of green jerseys at hockey at whatever day is closest to St. Patrick's Day.  The green one is a practice jersey.  I found the logo online, like it, and decided to made it out of twill and sewed it onto a blank green jersey.  The white one I later found on Ebay.  Wore them both this past Thursday at hockey.

Also picked up this booklet off Ebay on the San Francisco Shamrocks of the PHL league of the 1970s.

When I am out and about on St. Patrick's Day usually wear my cable knit sweater along with my green Irish hat and if wearing a belt this belt buckle; the hat and sweater probably need a good cleaning.  I have some Irish heritage on my mother's (Baxter is her maiden name) side.  Apparently generations ago those ancestors lived around Cork in Ireland.

Yesterday was St. Urho's Day. .   The Thunder Bay links are ones I sent to this website, and the button is one I found at a local thrift shop.

I guess that's all for today.  Going to have supper soon and maybe do some work on a DIY white, maroon and gold squirrel hockey jersey.  Will post some pics when further along with it.